The Hispanic version of The Boss Baby includes a song that honors one

The Boss Baby is the new Dreamworks children’s movie that tells the story of a bossy baby who wears a suit and speaks in an adult voice, but hides in front of his parents. Those responsible for locating the film for Latin America included a song about a drug dealer, a rather strange decision.

The song, known throughout The Boss Baby: Family Business movie, is “Jefe de Jefes”, composed and performed by the musical group Los Tigres del Norte in 1997. The musicians announced through their Facebook profile that they have been chosen to be part of the Official soundtrack of the film.

However, and although “Jefe de Jefes” is popular throughout the country and one of the greatest hits of Los Tigres del Norte, it is a song that talks about Félix Gallardo, one of the worst drug traffickers in history. He was known throughout Mexico as the “Chief of Chiefs.”

Gallardo was responsible for the main drug trafficking and trade routes in most of Mexico and all of Central America. He was the founder of the Guadalajara Cartel and was considered the “cocaine czar” of Mexico. The song of the Tigres del Norte tells his story, although one of Gallardo’s sons assured the journalist Diego Osorno that his father has never liked the song.

The musical group mentioned that they are “very happy and excited because the Boss of Heads song is part of the film’s soundtrack”, something that is clearly an achievement for any musician. However, it is still controversial and incorrect to include a song about a drug dealer in a children’s movie.

The Boss Baby (titled A Boss in Diapers in Latin America) premieres today, March 31, worldwide. [Los Tigres del Norte (Facebook) via Terra / Laura Martínez (Twitter)]