The first press reactions to The Suicide Squad: A very crazy, gore and bizarre James Gunn film

Several specialized press media have already seen The Suicide Squad, and their reactions on the networks have not been asked. On August 6, The Suicide Squad, the new DC film focused on the dysfunctional group of villains and anti-heroes who will receive the mission to save the world at all costs, even if it involves losing their lives, lands in Spanish cinemas.

James Gunn took on the role of director of The Suicide Squad, taking over from David Ayer, who directed the 2016 film Suicide Squad. The film is partly intended to be a “soft reboot” of what we saw five years ago.

Some members of the cast of the film have already highlighted things like “we are not ready for what awaits us”, as John Cena said a few weeks ago.

Now it is the turn of a part of the specialized press, which has seen the first passes of The Suicide Squad and has begun to react to what they have seen.

In order not to break with tradition, most of the reactions on the networks are positive (then many become less jovial when it comes to publishing criticism).

Those who have been able to see The Suicide Squad, assure that it is a tremendously crazy and very bloody film, taking advantage of the R rating to the fullest. They also point to connections to James Gunn’s roots in horror movies.

It is also noted that The Suicide Squad is a risky movie, which may imply that more than one fan will not like what they see on screen in a few weeks.

Be that as it may, in the end the best assessment of a film or series is the one we make ourselves, although we may take into account the experience of others. What do you guys expect from The Suicide Squad?