‘Escape Room’ had one more room and a different ending

The movie ‘Escape Room’ was an unexpected success this year that has already confirmed its sequel. In the film, the protagonists had to solve the enigmas of all the rooms they faced, especially if they wanted to get out of them alive. The film can boast of having some pretty wild rooms in which we could see flamethrowers, Escape Room: Tournament of Champions movie keys and even an upside down room whose floor is disappearing. However, there was one room that failed to see the light in the final film.

This was confirmed by its director, Adam Robitel, to Bloody Disgusting. “There was a room that we were going to make and it was in the original script. It was kind of like a printing factory where a bunch of machines were falling into. In the end that sequence turned into the trippy hall full of hallucinations. I was worried, We saw really scary old factories in Cape Town and I thought someone might get hurt. To do it right it would have needed a lot of visual effects, so we finally settled on the trippy room. ”

An industrial factory would have been quite nice, but it is true that it would have given ‘Escape Room’ a look more similar to ‘Saw’, a saga from which he wanted to get away with his great and worked rooms. In addition to this, the movie also had a much more conventional ending.

Attention, spoilers are coming!

In the film Zoey (Taylor Russell) survives all the rooms Minos built, finding the company’s headquarters in New York and buying tickets for herself and Ben (Logan Miller), the other survivor, to confront them. The film ends with an escape room in a crashing plane, a simulation they plan to run on Zoey and Ben’s flight.

Robitel also commented to the media that in the original ending “Zoey ends up going back to her dorm, finds a clue in one of her puzzle books and takes it back to the academic room where we met her. There, under her desk, she finds a small note and his mother’s compass pendant, implying that Minos may have had something to do with her mother’s plane crash. ”

Although that ending was not bad, Robitel wanted the protagonists to have some kind of closure with a challenge, giving us what was, without a doubt, a much riskier closure.